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Thursday, May 24, 2018


AMBER Stick is the only Child ID System endorsed by Code Amber

June 14, 2007: Amber Stick is announcing the launch of our new web site. New features are coming and navigation is made easier. Be sure to check out our new Video On Demand section for the most up to date news casts about the Amber Stick.


March 27, 2007: Amber Stick is announcing the new Version 3.0 launch. With the new version, Amber Stick users can create and separate profiles for children, Adults and Pets. Organization of the new data is made easy with separate working modes and the graphical interface has been improved. The new Version will be shipped as early as April 2007.


January 23, 2007: Amber Stick in partnership with Code Amber and in association with DNA Print is announcing the joined program to accept digital form DNA Sequencing by DNA Print and have complete integration of the file with the Amber Stick. A digital DNA Sequence will be provided to Amber Stick users by DNA Print as STRAMP (for a fee), this file will have seamless integration with the Amber Stick profile you are creating for quick access to the DNA Data by Law Enforcement.


December 15, 2006: Richard (Dick) Price of Richard Price & Associates has been appointed to the Advisory Board of AMBER stickô, LLC.
"After 40 years in the business of locating missing persons, I would highly recommend that everyone--who has a loved one--have a AMBER stickô ID on their side. The AMBER stickô is the most reliable, effective, and affordable insurance anyone can have to ensure a loved one's safety, identification, and return in the event of an emergency or disappearance. If you're facing a family emergency, call me. (800-813-1897) If you're serious about being protected and prepared, get AMBER stickô ." 
Richard (Dick) Price (
Former President Ronald Reagan proclaims Richard Price, "The Best of the Best". 
As a former elected Florida House of Representatives member and elected Law Enforcement Official, Price is internationally considered one of the TOP 10 investigators in his field.


December 12, 2006: As of December 12th 2006, Amber Stick and Code Amber have launched a new program.
In case of a true missing child emergency, the Amber Stick can now send all of your missing child information directly to Code Amber ( at the discretion of the reporting Police Department. This feature will notify Code Amber of a possible Amber Alert for your child. Code Amber will then monitor the situation and, if necessary, contact the reporting Law Enforcement agency for updates. If the situation is escalated to an Amber Alert by your State and Local authorities Code Amber will be able to  immediately activate the Code Amber system including the Amber Alert Ticker, just like the one you see at the top of this page. Thus saving valuable time in notifying the public and additional Law Enforcement agencies as well as additional local and National media outlets.
October 20, 2006: With the Amber Stick you can upload the profile of your child or loved one directly onto our central server via secure connection for an even faster response time (free service for Amber Stick owners).
Have your loved one's information available to law enforcement from anywhere in seconds. Upload the profile ahead of time as a backup to your Amber Stick, or at time of an emergency, to allow law enforcement agents access to your loved one's information.







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