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Thursday, May 24, 2018


AMBER Stick is the only Child ID System endorsed by Code Amber



To understand what is so unique about the AMBER stickô we must understand how software and computers work.
We've all had to install software or programs in order to do certain things on our computer. Word processing, Games, Spread Sheets etc.. these are all software products.
AMBER stickô proprietary software is completely different.
While virtually all software must be installed on a host computer in order to work properly, the AMBER stickô works differently. All files related to the AMBER stickô software are located on the AMBER stickô itself and the images/photos you select for each one of your loved ones are copied onto the AMBER stickô when you are adding the information to the software.

This means that the AMBER stickô is a self-contained device that works independently without the need to install any software onto yours or any computer.

The AMBER stickô can upload your loved one's profile onto our central server in case of an emergency. In under a minute you can have the information on our server and available to law enforcement all over the country with email/password combination for authorized access. The information can then be passed by a police officer on location to Code Amber for a quick verification and activation of the code amber, Amber Alert ticker.

This innovative software design allows the AMBER stickô to be the ONLY product of it's kind that is 100% portable and easy to use without any previous computer experience.

Once you have the AMBER stickô in your possession, you can feel confident knowing that if the unthinkable happens, your child goes missing, you have vital information you will need to provide law enforcement officers instantaneously to issue the local and national AMBER ALERT!


  • The AMBER stickô also automatically creates "Missing Person" flyers instantly.

  • The AMBER stickô automatically creates a file to be imported into a law enforcement officer's computer.

  • The AMBER stickô is password protected and all information is encrypted for total privacy.

  • The AMBER stickô can hold information about your entire family all on one AMBER stickô .

  • The AMBER stickô can hold information about your Children, Elderly family members and Pets

The AMBER stickô is very simple to use:

  • Plug into any available USB port on your computer

  • On windows XP and Vista, the Amber Stick Autoplay Feature will pop on your screen

  • Start the program and enter your password to unlock

  • Select operation mode (Child, Adult or Pet)

  • Add your loved one's information and photos

  • Done, close the program and un-plug from computer

  • Attach to your key chain or place in your wallet






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