AMBER Stick System Requirements


Thursday, May 24, 2018


AMBER Stick is the only Child ID System endorsed by Code Amber



Amber Stick works on virtually any windows based computer.
Your system should meet these basic system requirements.

  • A computer with windows Me or higher (Windows XP recommended)

  • 64MB of ram (128MB recommended)

  • An available USB port (USB 1.1 is ok, USB 2.0 recommended for speed)

  • A printer (needed to print "MISSING" flyer)

  • Photos of your loved ones in a digital form (.jpg image format)


Incase your computer is missing some system files (files that are installed with windows and are standard on every windows 98se and higher operating system), AMBER stickô has these files and they can be installed directly from the AMBER stickô . View your Amber Stick Help file for more information.

AMBER stickô is NOT compatible with Apple/Mac Computers of any kind at this time. 






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