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Thursday, May 24, 2018


AMBER Stick is the only Child ID System endorsed by Code Amber

What is the AMBER stick?
AMBER stickô  is a new concept in the fight against missing children.
With the AMBER stickô  in your possession,  you can feel confident knowing that if the unthinkable happens, your child goes missing, you have vital  information you will need to provide law enforcement officers instantaneously to issue the local and national AMBER ALERT!


How does the AMBER stick work?
The AMBER stickô  is very simple to use:
The AMBER stickô  is a self-contained device that works independently without the need to install any software onto yours or any computer. 
This innovative software design allows the AMBER stickô  to be the ONLY product of it's kind that is 100% portable.


Will the AMBER stick work on my computer?
The AMBER stickô  is the ONLY fully portable Child Identification product.
AMBER stickô  is compatible with Windows 98se and up.

AMBER stickô  System Requirements:

  • A computer with windows 98se or higher (Windows 2000/XP recommended)
  • 64MB of ram (128MB recommended)
  • An available USB port (USB 1.1 is ok, USB 2.0 recommended for speed)
  • A printer (needed to print "MISSING" flyer)
  • Photos of your loved ones in a digital form (.jpg image format)

We have seen some issues where Windows 98 can not recognize the AMBER stick hardware. This is due to certain problems with the early versions of USB and Windows 98. If you are running Windows 98, we recommend upgrading your operating system to Windows XP.


Does the AMBER stick require installation onto my computer?
AMBER stickô  proprietary software is completely different.
While virtually all software must be installed on a host computer in order to work properly, the AMBER stickô works differently. All files related to the AMBER stickô  software are located on the AMBER stickô itself and the images/photos you select for each one of your loved ones are copied onto the AMBER stickô  when you are adding the information to the software.


How do I operate the AMBER stick?
The AMBER stickô  is very simple to use:
  • Plug into any available USB port on your computer
  • Start the program and enter your password to unlock
  • Add your loved one's information and photos
  • Done, close the program and un-plug from computer
  • Attach to your key chain or place in your wallet
  • In case of emergency, plug into police cruiser's computer USB port
  • Give Officer the password to unlock the AMBER stick
  • Law enforcement officer gets all the information they require


What information does the AMBER stick keep?
all necessary and vital information required by law enforcement agencies to act immediately.

The AMBER stickô  is the ONLY fully portable Child Identification product.


How much data can the AMBER stick hold?
The AMBER stick holds personal information about your entire family.
Let's say you have 15 members of your family that you want to have on the AMBER stick... NO PROBLEM!!!  Each family member's file can hold up to 3 pictures plus all of their vital information.  If you size your images correctly (smaller), you can hold literally hundreds of individuals' information!


Is my information safe on the AMBER stick?
Yes.  AMBER stick software is both password protected and fully data encrypted.  In the unlikely event that you lose your AMBER stick and someone else tries to read the information, without your password, the data is viewed as un-readable due to its sophisticated data encryption technology.


Why do I need the AMBER stick?
In today's day and age, where the U.S. Department of Justice places a child's chances of being abducted at 1 out of every 42 (children 19 and under), parents / guardians must stay on the cutting edge of technology in case the unthinkable happens.  Every piece of data concerning missing children states that the first 3 hours of an abduction are the most crucial.  This data also states that it takes about 2 hours for a parent / guardian to give vital information to investigators...

AMBER stick makes this information available to authorities instantaneously.  It is the first product of its kind that allows loved ones to act quickly...reducing the amount of time needed to give the proper authorities information from hours to minutes.

Portable, custom designed as a key chain, easy to use, password and data encrypted...

AMBER stick makes every second count.






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